My Teaching Philosophy

Music surrounds us in every part of our lives. Children and adults no matter the age love music and can’t imagine a day when music doesn’t touch their lives in some way. Private music lessons inspire, open up a whole world of music making, encourage those students who show a special gift for music and encourage students that are struggling. Music is a joy for anyone to have in their life. Private violin or viola lessons can open up a whole world of possibilities for the student.

It is proven that students that study music are better disciplined, test higher on standardized tests and are generally more well-rounded individuals. The benefits of music in any person’s life are immeasurable. No matter the age of the student I am teaching, it is my goal that the student becomes a life-long consumer of music. Not everyone will have a career in music, but we all can become educated about music and find a way to always have music in our life.

I encourage and support my students in their personal musical goals. I have students that are new beginners and have always wanted to play the violin or viola. Others are struggling with their instrument and need additional training and encouragement. Even some seeking a career in music need coaching to prepare for college auditions. I am also more than happy to help students with their school or youth orchestra music. Whatever the student’s goal with their violin/viola, I am here to support, mentor, nurture and encourage.

As a member of the Colorado All State Orchestra Governing Board and the Colorado American String Teacher’s Association Board, I am knowledgeable about auditions for area youth orchestras, Colorado All State Orchestra, Western States Honor Orchestra and other local scholarships. I am a private music instructor experienced at preparing students for these opportunities. I have had numerous students accepted into these programs, into music schools, and receive prestigious musical awards.

I believe that Violin and Viola lessons should be a nurturing and positive experience for the student, regardless of the age. I am flexible with students and families in developing a personalized curriculum that works well for the student. Music lessons should be a joyful, non-threatening experience. I incorporate the study of music theory and history in my teaching as I believe that students learn better when they have a thorough understanding of music.