Private Lesson Fees and Policies

Lesson Fees

I require that lessons be paid for at the beginning of each month. This way we avoid spending time dealing with payments and more time on your student’s musical studies. The amount you pay is the same every month. I will explain my fee structure when we visit for the first time. Lesson fees are as follows:

$26.00 - 1/2 hour $39.00 - 45 min. $52.00 – 1 hour

Credit is not given for missed lessons when I have not been called early. I understand that there are emergencies and we will deal with those on a case by case basis. I ask that fees be mailed if you must be absent from the first lesson of the month.

Case Check List

Be sure your student is as well prepared for violin/viola as he/she is for returning to school. Check to see that you have the following items and that they are in good shape and always in the case. This is also a good time of year for new strings and a bow rehair. If it’s been a year or longer since you’ve done either or both, do so now. (Get real horsehair on bow)
Check List: rosin, cleaning cloth, shoulder rest, name and address on case, notebook and music

Make-up policy

I will offer make-up days when it works with my schedule and your schedule. We will try to schedule make-up lessons as soon as possible after the date missed. I will let you know when I am doing make-up lessons and you may schedule if you wish. If you do not schedule, I will assume that you are not interested in doing the make-ups. You may take up to 2 make-up lessons per semester only if I’m given adequate notice that you will be absent from a lesson. This excludes snow days.
I require at least 24-hours’ notice that you will be absent. Please be on time to every lesson and be prepared! As was mentioned earlier, you must call at least 24 hours before the lesson if you must be absent in order to get a make-up lesson. I will be strict with this and enforce it!

Waiting Room Policies

Parents are welcome to attend lessons at any and all times. There is more than adequate space for parents to come in and sit to listen to the lesson, or read a book. Please do not bring food or drinks into my home or studio. Water bottles with a lid are fine. Please do not wander around my home. The restroom off of my living room is for your use. Always come to your lesson about 5 – 10 minutes before your lesson is to begin. Please unpack your instrument and organize your music, so you are ready to begin in a timely manner. Please don’t unpack right at your lesson time and then expect me to go overtime because you are not ready for your lesson. This is unfair to students after you. Please remove your shoes in the entry way.

Snow Days

In the event a bad storm hits on your lesson day, I will call and together we will determine whether or not you should drive to lessons. If we decide the roads are too bad, we will try to reschedule the lessons that same week. If we are unable to do so, you may take an additional make-up lesson.